Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The One

"Good luck trying to find someone who cares like i did, who understands you like i do, who is forgiving like i am. And when you realize there's no one out there like me, i won't be there where you left me." --Drake

Some good friends of mine have gone through such a hard time lately. Being the one who's listening to their stories mostly all of the time is making me know how they feel. One day, when I watched one of my favorite tv shows, how i met your mother, there was a scene where Marshall talked to Ted like this,

"Being in couple is hard. And committing, making sacrifices, it's hard. But if it's the right person, it's easy. Looking at that girl, and knowing she's all you really want out of life, that should be the easiest thing in the world. If it's not like that, then she's not the one."

Then suddenly this pops out from my mind; If you already find a person who is constantly on your mind, the one that makes you feel special, the one that makes your day, the one you can be complete around, then why bother looking for more? I mean, no one's perfect. Your partner isn't perfect, you neither. The only thing that you can do is loving someone imperfect perfectly. I know it is hard to commit to one person, but if it's the right person then it will be worth it. Because, you may not find that kind of person twice in your life.
Please, please fight for the one.

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When I read this post, all I think just you.

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